Wallace Risk Management Services

Protecting your People, your Product, your Profit

What We Do

When putting together any plan to protect your assets it is important to identify all your risks.  Our experienced Professionals can assist you to identify these risks and better protect your property.

Risk Assessments

Our trained Professionals do a complete and independent review of your current security practices and give a detailed report on the current status of your situation relative to industry standards.

Security Audits

A key component in your security program is to have a comprehensive Security Manual.  We will write a site specific security manual for you to act as your personal guide in the event of security issue.  

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Security Manuals

In addition to the security manual you will need Policies and Procedures.  Our trained Professionals can recommend proven protocols whether you are a small or large company.

Procedures and Polices


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Exporting your products to the USA or other countries.  In order to ensure speedy crossings at the border, being a C-TPAT partner is essential.  We will assist you in the preparation of your program and follow up audits conducted by the US Homeland Security Department

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We train in a wide range of security topics, emergency preparedness and crisis management as well as the C-TPAT required employee training.  Our programs are created specific to your company and can be customized for your specific needs.


Project Management

Crisis Management

With all the new high tech security solutions available it is difficult to know what is the right solution for you.  We  can work with you to both advise and to develop the appropriate specifications and manage the project up to the final installation of the system and the training of your staff on the ongoing use of the equipment.

In event that the worst does happen our trained professional staff are available 24 hours a day to help you in a crisis situation.   Both your actions and your communication are critical in this event.  Coaching is critical and having an independent consultant available for this is extremely important.